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  3930 Commerce Ave.
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  > >  Corporate Compliance Partners (CCP) is a wholly owned brand of AnswerNet, a premiere leader in call center services. CCP was created solely for the purpose of advising and supporting the Audit Committees and corporate management of listed companies comply with section 301(4) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. CCP's client base spans the retail, restaurant, technology, banking, manufacturing, insurance, software, pharmaceutical, publishing and investment industries servicing over 25 countries worldwide and over 100 languages.

CCP is much more than a hotline answering service. We understand the complex makeup and functions of an Audit Committee and the greatly expanded responsibilities and duties this new legislation mandates. Taking the complaint is only the first step. The process flow after receipt is the most critical. Mistakes at this stage can be very expensive and very embarrassing.

CCP's sole objective is to service corporate management and the Audit Committee. We provide resources to assist in managing your requirements and responsibilities. Our focus is to reduce risk and protect the company at all times.

CCP will undertake all process management needed to provide a safe, secure and anonymous communication procedure with a "no-leak wall of confidentiality" to receive, retain and report employee complaints or concerns regarding questionable accounting and auditing matters. Our unique proprietary process is integrated with the existing corporate management structure without increasing risk.

CCP assists in the treatment and solution development as required by the Audit Committee.

> > Advisory board

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has evolved so very quickly and continues to evolve daily in terms of governance of publicly traded companies. We have established a board of active senior executives from a broad spectrum of industry to call on for advice and guidance. This will enable us to continue as a leader of customized solutions dealing with this legislation, rule releases and clarifications.

> > Alliances

Corporate Compliance Partners has established alliances throughout the country with experts in the areas of legal, auditing, operations, controls and investigation. These resources give us the ability to deal with any given situation, in a quick, precise and cost effective manner while maintaining the strictest of confidence.

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