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> >  The most secure method of protecting against breaches of confidentiality and anonymity is to outsource the receipt and retention of complaints or concerns.

  • Corporate Compliance Partners provide secure procedures and processes for the confidential receipt of complaints or concerns via phone, web, email, fax and mail.

  • We provide translation service for over 150 languages.

  • Some of the top legal experts in the country have reviewed and qualified our solutions as exceptional, the perfect balance of compliance and simplicity.

  • We document complaints or concerns in the words of the individual making the report.

  • Our call center has been in operation since 1997. Our communication specialists, experienced in supporting compliance with governmental regulations, are prepared to assist your employees.

  • Our specifically designed script provides your company with complete actionable information and can provide over 40 pieces of data about an incident.

  • Our process is also capable of supporting reports about other company matters such as safety, harassment, company policy violations, etc.

  • Our seasoned professionals analyze the complaints or concerns and summarize them for reporting to the Audit Committee/corporate management depending on type, seriousness with a unique customized flow for each client.

  • We issue detailed reports to your company as frequently as you like - typically weekly and monthly.

  • We immediately report critical or important issues - as defined by your company - to the individual of your choice.

  • We customize reporting of issues outside the Audit Committee to management as most appropriate for your company.

  • We produce comparative reports across our client base for similar companies based on revenue and numbers of employees.

  • We keep you updated as best practice processes and procedures evolve.

  • We provide advice and assistance in the treatment of any complaints and stay with our client through resolution.

  • We can make Audit Committee presentations as requested.

  • We offer a full range of training and education seminars for your employees to help them understand and learn how to use our services.

> > If you would like to know more about our services or have specific questions about a solution tailored to your needs, we have the experience and resources to help. You can call us at 877-874-3544, email us or fill out our contact form.
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